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Whether you are a new or existing business, in today's climate it's vital to have a presence on the Internet.  That presence should reflect your business and, by registering  your domain name, you are protecting another vaulable asset - your company name.  Here's where Jordans can help - we can provide domain names, email and website services.  We'll help with choosing a suitable domain name and can even provide a basic website you'll be able to update yourself.

Domain names

By registering your domain name when you set up your company, not only can you match your domain name to that of your company but you ensure no-one else can use that name. You may even want to secure more than one name to further protect your business identity.

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Is this your domain name?

As a client of Jordans web services, you may wish to benefit from upgrading your email or web service.

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Turn your domain into a website you can update yourself

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Domain and business email

Are you communicating with customers through your personal email address? Create a range of business email addresses unique to your company and secure a domain for any website you may create in the future.

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